2050 Climate Group: Food & Drink Study Day


Last Saturday 3rd September, Steph and Gillian headed to The 2050 Climate Group Young Leader’s Programme study day at the wonderful Dovecot Studios. The day focused on food and drink, was open to the public and comprised of a programme of talks and interactive workshops including sessions with The Crunch, Nourish, Whitmuir Farm and Love Food Hate Waste

We attended their programme to learn more about how food and drink impacts climate change and ran our brand new #WhatTheFood workshop in two separate sessions, with over 50 attendees.

The hour long  #WhatThe Food workshop encouraged people to think about where their food comes from, what buying decisions they make and to ask questions about the food they  eat. It also examined ways in which we can better communicate the importance of sustainable and healthy eating to our peers in a fun and interactive way.


After the day event we headed to a special dinner hosted by the 2050 Climate group and  The Real Junk Food Project who made us a delicious meal from intercepted food waste, a great way to end the day, putting everything we had learnt about food waste into practice.


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