World Disco Soup Day 2017


On April 29th 2017 we joined with the international Slow Food Youth Network across the world to take part in the first World Disco Soup Day to fight food waste!

While parts of the world population suffer from hunger, one third of the food intended for human consumption is being thrown away every year. 1.3 billion of tons of food is being fed to bins. At the same time, according to FAO, we only produce enough food to supply the world’s growing population until 2050. It’s clear we have a huge challenge in front of us.


At Slow Food’s Terra Madre 2016 we got together with our international network of food producers, activists, students and other food professionals and decided to organise the first World Disco Soup Day! On April 29th there were well over 100 events in 40 countries calling for attention and action to stop global food waste, by each organising their own version of one of the most well known projects of the Slow Food Youth Network: Disco Soup.

A Disco Soup is a way of collecting a lot of food-waste and making something really good out of it with a lot of people and having a lot of fun in the process. 

Below we’ve shared some photos from our World Disco Soup Day Edinburgh event which was held at Leith Community Crops in Pots. Massive thanks to East Coast Organics, Cyrenians, Breadshare Community-supported Bakery, Company Bakery, Lescargotbleu , and Hipsters & Hobos for providing us with surplus vegetables, bread and treats.



We all care about this huge problem and want to give it the attention it deserves. 

Here is to World Disco Soup Day 2018 – Join us and fill bellies instead of bins!

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