Our Food. Our Future – we’re recruiting volunteers for various positions on our committee!

Join us in shaping the future SFYN in Scotland!

The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is an international network of young people who bring about changes in the field of food production and consumption. It was founded by a number of enthusiastic and motivated young people with a passion for good, clean and fair food, and with an interest in sustainability issues.

Slow Food Youth Network Scotland was started 2 years ago to encourage the development of a network of young people across Scotland who wanted to learn, debate, campaign, farm, cook, eat and dance their way to a more sustainable food future whilst exchanging ideas with young change-makers across the world.

By learning more about Scotland’s food system in a fun and social way, supporting local projects and building strong connections with the international Slow Food Youth Network – we have begun to bring people together to help create change within the global food system.

In our third year, and Scotland’s Year of Young People, we want to build on our success by expanding the network and have lots of ideas to make this happen. BUT we want more young food leaders to contribute their ideas and shape the future of SFYNScotland and create our first Co-ordinating Committee!

d2ee0f68-4c33-49c3-a42d-b3a8a6e4fc29Our Aims for the Future

In our third year, and Scotland’s Year of Young People, we want to build on our successes by –

  • expanding the network across Scotland by creating a platform which enables young people involved in or interested about their food system to connect with other young food leaders across Scotland.
  • Ensuring Scotland sends a strong contingent of youth delegates to Terra Madre 2018 to participate in events such as SFYNTANK and exchange their ideas and knowledge with young food leaders across the world.
  • Contribute to the SFYN international Calendarium Culinarium project
  • As well as continuing to organise and collaborate with you to run eat-ins, disco soups (#WDSD18), #whatthefood events & our series at CCA!

7a55908f-5871-432e-9cb2-5614f7838100Join the first SFYN Scotland Committee!

In order to shape the future for SFYNScotland we are now recruiting volunteers who can commit to join our first committee, become a local SFYN ambassador or occasional event volunteer – ideally spread across Scotland!

For the coordinating committee we are looking for individuals who can commit to a minimum of 2 days per month. We’re particularly keen to hear from individuals with communications, web design, fundraising, marketing, research, illustration, campaigning, photography, events, or film-making skills (& we’re sure there’s things we haven’t thought of).There are also plenty of opportunities to join as an events volunteer or to become an ambassador in your local area as well!

We’re particularly keen to expand our network beyond the central belt & will have open meetings in Aberdeen & Dundee soon. If you live elsewhere in Scotland email us on sfynscotland@gmail.com and we’ll coordinate something with you!
To find out more or organise a meeting to discuss a potential role with us please get in touch via sfynscotland@gmail.com 


From Gillian, Angie, Federico, Steph, Sarah & the rest of SFYNScotland.


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