Squid Inc Workshop with Eduard Pagès Rabal


Join us on Saturday 26 May 2018 from 6:30pm for an artistic and gastronomic experience based on three elements: the squid, the ink and the paper.

First, we’ll learn about Gyotaku, a traditional Japanese printing technique formerly used by fishermen to advertise their catch-of-the-day at fish markets.

After that, we’ll be ready to make our own squid gyotaku, using squid ink and Asian handmade paper.

At this point, we’ll prep our squids so they are ready to eat! The classic recipe of deep-fried squid, calamari, will be adapted by utilizing the squid’s ink in the batter before frying.

The workshop is run by Eduard Pagès Rabal, an artist and musician raised in Capellades, a very small village in the centre of Catalonia, with a huge tradition in the art of handmade paper. Nowadays, he works with the Slow Food chef, Jordi Limon (Somorrostro), and the marine biologist, Anna Bozzano (Peix al plat), to make a multidisciplinary catalogue of the forgotten fish species of the Mediterranean. He runs many workshops and exhibitions to promote gyotaku in various fish, food and art scenarios throughout Barcelona, such as Entre Latas (Poble Sec), Vostok Printing Shop (Born), Museu Marítim de Barcelona (Drassanes), or VadeVermut festival (Poble sec).

The workshops costs £10 + £1 booking fee, suitable for 18+

Book Online / 0141 352 4900


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