In Conversation with Scotland’s Youth Delegates – Rosy Rapacova

Over the coming weeks before Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 commences we are sharing short interviews with some of the youth delegates and other Scottish food leaders attending the biggest global gathering of food communities in the world! 

Next up is Rosemary (Rosy) Rapacova, a market gardener and herbalist who runs Meadowseet Organics with her husband in Fife. Rosie also works as a herbalist in the local community and is passionate about plants and people and healing.

Rosy Meadowsweet

What’s your happiest food memory?
One of the only days of school I really remember is when I was in primary school and we visit a farm and got to take a bunch of carrots home with us. I remember going home with the greens sticking out of my school bag and having them for dinner!
What originally inspired you to get involved in your work?

I studied conventional agriculture but could see a lot of issues with its long-term sustainability and environmental impact, so I went wwoofing on an organic farm and this inspired me to start work in organic farming and ultimately to start my own farm!

How are you helping to or hoping to build a better food system?

By providing high quality, fresh, organic seasonal food to people as well as transparency in how their food is grown and an opportunity for them to become more involved, and caring for the land and soil in the best possible way we can.

What’s the most pressing issue in food and agriculture that you’d like to see solved?

Lack of support and recognition for small-scale food producers.

How can we best stimulate young adults curiosity about food and agriculture and encourage their participation in building healthier food systems?

I think it’s already happening! This is the age category who are changing their food habits the most and are most interested in buying organic and local etc. So I think the more opportunities available for this curiosity to lead them to, the better! More open farms, more volunteer opportunities and more real food events.

Who are your food heroes?

The small-scale food producers who are really committed and passionate about producing real authentic foods despite all the challenges, and the chefs and consumers who are really committed to source and promote the best ingredients!

Which of this years Terra Madre themes most relates to your work and why?

Food and health because these are the two main themes of my daily life as an organic farmer, herbalist and nutritionist. And seeds because that’s where it all begins and they are the basis of our food chain!

If you could travel to one country in the world to experience their food culture where would it be?


You might not know this but…
My favourite food to grow and cook is saag aloo! Growing the potatoes, spinach, onions, fresh coriander and then cooking them with all the spices – yum!


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