About Us


We are the world’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and consumers.

The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is an international network of young people aged 18-35 who bring about changes in the field of food production and consumption through positive, creative and innovative methods. SFYN raises awareness among young citizens and consumers to encourage and mobilise them in making responsible choices. It wants them to take part in the public debate about current issues, such as how to feed the world, what to do about food waste, and how to produce food as sustainable as possible.

Slow Food Youth Network Scotland was started in 2015 to develop a network of young people across Scotland who wanted to do just that – provide alternative, creative and social opportunities for young people to engage with and learn about food issues and share ideas for innovative solutions.

From dancing our way through World Disco Soup Day, collaborating with ‘the Fountain’ for a lunchtime literature Smörgåsbord, hosting a debate on ‘How to build a nation of sustainable food leaders’, organising film screenings or participating in a global youth think tank on ‘designing sustainable kitchens’ – there’s something for everyone!

By exploring Scotland’s food system in a fun and social way, supporting local projects and building strong connections with our international network we have begun to bring people together to help create change within the global food system.

Our aims for the future of the network


In our third year, and Scotland’s Year of Young People, we want to build on our success by –

  • expanding our network across Scotland, establishing ourselves as a social enterprise by creating a platform which enables young people involved or interested in their food system to connect with other young food leaders across Scotland
  • Ensuring Scotland sends a strong contingent of youth delegates to Terra Madre 2018 to participate in events such as SFYNTANK and exchange their ideas and knowledge with young food leaders across the world
  • Contribute to the SFYN international Calendarium Culinarium project
  • Work on establishing a youth food academy in Scotland
  • As well as continuing to organise and collaborate with you to run eat-ins, disco soups (#WDSD18), #whatthefood events & our series at CCA!

But they’re just our ideas – now is your chance to contribute – find out more here!