The Scottish Calendar Culinarium 2019 is launched!

Are you fanatical about vegetables? Keen to get more in tune with the growing season? Or looking for something beautiful to grace your kitchen or as a Christmas gift?

We’re delighted to announce we have 100 limited edition copies of our first illustrated Scottish Calendar Culinarium on sale (online/in selected retailers) priced at £12 or £15 including UK/Ireland postage!

Prehistoric Scotland: The Real Paleo Diet

Is Scottish food just haggis, whiskey, neeps and tatties, fried Mars bars and Irn Bru? Each month food history enthusiast Sarah Gowanlock will be uncovering the real taste of Scotland by exploring it’s rich food history, from the Stone Age to today.

In a time when the majority of our food is imported, this series will allow you to take a closer look at how earlier Scots fed themselves and discover why oats were so important, what bog butter and guga is, how the food system changed after World War II and much more.